Keywords 101

12 students

Skills for positive growth. Learn how to find your keywords. Know what unlocks content you like. Share with an audience. Ratios work in general. So, shares are liked. Like for reciprocity.

Keywords 101 Students

Quick and easy introduction to keyword search engine optimization. Learn how to choose our words carefully for the right results. Optimize social network, email, and text social media posts from our own preferences. Then, we reach our audience for good contact.

Keywords 101

Start getting what we expect from engagement with Keywords 101. Do listen to others online. Optimize grammar for content we like. Take this free mini course based on the book Netiquette Foundations Keywords 101.

A solution to an understanding problem online. Semantics for regular people. A real problem solver.

The question, do we understand? Answer, with proper context.

Misunderstanding is not us. It’s them. But, we have to be clear.

Students learn:

Search Engine Optimization terms are taught. After, we examine our own content to see what works for us. Then, we learn best practices for earning engagements from our contacts.

  1. Vocabulary words.
  2. How to identify words that rank.
  3. Write text we find, read, and like.

Course Objectives

Effective communication for good engagement. Keywords for career advancement.

So, likes, industry recognition, and encouraging words for our friends are how we reach our objectives.

Millennial mindset micro learning on all levels is the process.

  • Memorization – 10 vocabulary Words
  • Comparing – Popularity of posts.
  • Application – Cool writing.

Keywords are words and phrases that people put in search engines to find things. Optimization is a means that end. We shall engage the process to be understood.


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