The School of Netiquette is an education platform for virtual learning. Education is instruction for acquiring knowledge. Digital education takes many forms. Online education is very popular right now at all levels.

Hence, a learning domain is a platform we use to leverage skills.

  • Knowledge
  • Skills

Mini Course Micro Learning Lessons

Mini courses for web skills. A series of skills in modules. Each lesson builds on the other. A class project.

We encourage good engagement. To begin, learn important skills that add personal and professional value. Also, appropriate online activity.

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  • Do

Let Us Help You Take the First Step

Our motto is to bridge the digital divide. Bring us together to share and exchange. So, core functions of the web coupled with our own style make us good digital citizens with an understanding of the millennial mindset.

We support our student body in many ways. First, there is an easy to navigate user interface design. So, a better way to study.

  • Millennial Mindset
  • Micro Lessons

We Focus On Us

Be nice and make positive content. Examine activity for more of what we like. Engage our audiences.

Analytics for good relationships!

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Aged 20-40 years old is the key demographic due to the type of teaching. We are making micro-learning lessons that are easy to understand.

Biggest sector of the workforce. Digital natives that drove a global economy until the pandemic of 2020. Now, leaders in digital transformation. Here, we are learning to do business online.

  • Millenials
  • Digital Marketing


Get skills necessary to succeed in any online environment. Learn how to reach our goals. Get helpful tips for educational achievement.

Motivation to do our best. Coupled with proven techniques to help us perform.

  • Distance Learning
  • Continuing Education